Dave’s Jungle!

This month we had Dave’s Jungle back for the day on Friday the 26th. As usual it was a huge hit with students and staff alike. Each class group got a session with Dave, they got to interact with the reptiles and arachnids and got to hold snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions and even a crocodile.

The students learned about the habitats of these creatures, and how they hunt and reproduce. They got an insightful look into how the world may appear to them, how their senses differ from ours and how their bodies work. The students were able to observe demonstrations of animals being fed, the extending fangs of a tarantula, a scorpion glowing under UV light and much more.  Many students also got the opportunity to overcome irrational fears they may have as they got to touch and hold the animals.

St Kevin’s primary school was invited to this event and had their own session with Dave and the animals. A group of twenty-two 4th class students were catered for by the library with this initiative.