Home School Community Liaison

The Home School Community Liaison scheme was established in the autumn of 1990. The aim of the scheme is to promote partnership between parents and teachers. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance pupils’ learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the education system. In addition, the HSCL scheme places great emphasis on collaboration with the local community. The HSCL is the pioneer in involving the school in the life of the community and involving the community and its agencies in the life of the school.

The Aims of The HSCL scheme are:

  • Supporting students
  • Promoting co-operation between home, school and community
  • Empowering parents
  • Retaining young people in the education system
  • Disseminating good practise

A vibrant Home School programme is in operation in Coláiste Eoin, with many programmes, activities and courses running for parents and students.

The school has established a parents’ room which is available for meetings and courses. A wide range of programmes and activities is organised to empower parents and pupils. Coláiste Eoin works in partnership with the local primary and secondary schools to provide the widest possible range of activities and classes. Over the past several years the STEPS programme and Parents in Education have run successfully.

Other classes available to parents include:

  • Cookery
  • Computers
  • Art classes
  • Irish
  • Interior design
  • Indian head massage
  • Reflexology
  • Parenting

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school and their child’s education through the Local Committee and Parents Council. Through these, parents can become involved in a wide range of activities organised for their children.

Every effort is made to develop close contact with parents through:

  • Regular course meetings
  • Parents teacher meetings
  • Class meetings
  • Contact by post and phone
  • Courses

Home Visitation

Home visitation is at the heart of the HSCL Schemes focus on partnership. Home visitation promotes co-operation between the school and the home. The ultimate purpose is to maximise the pupil’s involvement and their retention in the education system. Home visits help to maintain contact with parents and provide support when needed.

Transfer Programmes

School transfer is an emotional and social challenge for many pupils and there families. It involves a triple transition for pupils:

  • the move from a familiar school culture to a new one
  • the informal move from established friendships and peer groups to new peer groups
  • the natural progression from childhood to adolescence

School Transfer programmes have been introduced by the HSCL scheme to support parents and their children. Through a series of induction mornings, Coláiste Eoin provides parents and students an opportunity to discuss their concerns, fears or worries about school transfer.

Parents and students are:

  • informed of the challenges they may encounter on transferring to a new school
  • provided with information to help them manage change
  • familiarised with the school, layout, personnel, curriculum and timetable
  • provided opportunities to come to the school to meet each other, existing students and school personnel

When students and parents participate in the transfer programme it ensures that students integrate in their new educational setting with greater ease. The involvement of parents, students and teachers in the induction programmes has resulted in the development of good communication and positive relationships.