Psychological Service

The schools, colleges and centres of the City of Dublin ETB offer a guidance and counselling service to all students. This service is provided on a one-to-one basis or in a class or small group. The guidance and counselling service is designed:

  • to help with transitions, e.g. from primary to post-primary school;
  • to assist each student to benefit from the opportunities available to her/him;
  • to prepare the student for the challenges of adult life.

Issues can arise for young people in 3 key areas while they are in education/training:

  • Educational, e.g. subject choices, further education;
  • Career, e.g. employment, further training;
  • Personal, e.g. personal concerns.

The guidance counsellor helps the young person to deal with such issues. This is done through one or more of the following: individual appointments, guidance classes and small group work. Aptitude, ability, interest and other tests are sometimes used to assist with this work.

The guidance and counselling service also deals with topics such as the following:

  • Study skills
  • Examination techniques
  • CV preparation
  • Interview Techniques
  • Motivation
  • CAO/UCAS/PLC/CFE Applications

The CDETB Psychological Service supports the work of the guidance counsellor and staff. This means that a psychologist visits the school/college/centre regularly and works with students on an individual or group basis, as required. Parental/guardian consent is sought where the psychologist works with individual students.

The guidance counsellor and psychologist work with other personnel concerned with the student. These may include teachers, home/school/community liaison teachers, youth and community agencies, local health and social services.