Thyme to say goodbye, but looking forward to the fuschia!

We said a sad goodbye to our Rising Tide volunteer gardeners this week. Mary and Julie began this gardening journey in October and fantastic learning and engagement has occurred with our TY students. It became one if the most enjoyable highlights of our TY week. With our TY students, Mary and Julie have taken on the task of redesigning and improving the front of our school by weeding and planting up the overgrown beds. It’s a five year plan, but one we are very excited about. Students have now begun to grow vegetables thanks to another generous Rising Tide volunteer, Bronagh, who is also helping run the module with Mary. Students even harvested rhubarb from the front school flower bed and rosemary cuttings to sell. Mary added an entrepreneurial slant to the sessions by encouraging students to sell their home-grown products. We’d love to get parents involved next year. If you wish to get involved in changing our grounds for the better, let us know. We’d love parents to help redesign the school grounds with us. Thanks to the Rising Tide, we are seeing great changes already. Thanks Julie and Mary – we can’t wait to see even more happening next year.